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Location of Scarburg/Maps of Scarburg, Meadhall, Middle-earth


About Rohan: HERE (Lord of the Rings Wiki)
Rohan MAP

The Middle Emnet is the southeast quarter of West Emnet, bordered by the Snowbourn to the south and the Entwash to the east. It's northern border is halfway between the Snowbourn and the Entwash where it comes out of Fangorn. Its western border begins at the intersection of the Snowbourn and the Great West Road.

About the Mid-Emnet (from the 1st post to the Eorling Mead Hall discussion thread per littlemanpoet):

Originally Posted by littlemanpoet
King Eomer makes an administrative move to improve the governance (and bureaucracy ) of Rohan by instituting a Mid-Emnet made up of the lands immediately surrounding Edoras, and makes Eodwine the Eorl of Mid Emnet.

The Scarburg Mead Hall and surroundings

2nd Eorl's, Athanar (Nogrod), mead hall and outbuildings:

Mid-Emnet -- HERE

Mead Hall and outbuildings -- HERE

- - - - - -

1st Eorl's, Eodwine (littlemanpoet); mead hall: See attachments below

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