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At Dag's house

‘What’s this?’ Framed in the doorway stood Dag, a look of puzzlement furrowing his brow. His gaze took in Mem, the blue scarf spilling brightly across her knees; her face suffused with a happy wonder, her sightless eyes followed Fálki’s movements.

For his part, Fálki rose quickly, turning to face Dag. He could feel the heat rising in his cheeks. His mother stepped forward, intending it seemed to intervene. Fálki motioned to her with a sharp motion of his hand to step back. ‘No disrespect meant, Master Dag. To you or your house,’ Fálki began, taking a few steps closer toward Dag.

Gunna moved closer to her husband, laying her hand gently on his forearm. She leaned in close to him, speaking low. Dag kept his eyes on the younger man, even as he nodded at his wife’s words.

Mem’s voice broke into the hushed conversation. ‘Look, Dag!’ She held up the scarf. ‘It’s a gift. A bride gift, from Fálki. For me.’ She turned her head in the direction from which Káta had spoken. ‘I didn’t get a chance to answer your question, Káta. At least I think you meant it to be a question – that if I chose, you would welcome me. I’d like to say yes to you. But . . .’

Jóra scooted closer to Mem and touched her on the knee. ‘Oh, you’re not going to say no, are you, Mem?’

Mem laughed, a sweet sound that spilled out into the seriousness of the room. She reached out, touching the girl lightly on the cheek. ‘I just thought, perhaps,’ she answered, ‘I just thought that I should answer first to Fálki.’

Silence settled over the little gathering.

‘Well,’ broke in Jóra’s voice after only a short time. She nudged her brother in the leg. ‘Ask her!’

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