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Originally Posted by Folwren
Um. . .then how should I introduce my character? Should he, too, be suggested by King Eomer, or should I walk in and ask if you can use me?
The culture was one of authority, but in a relaxed way, certainly as compared to modern military organizations. So there's a "who you know" side to this; it doesn't have to be the King; it could be any man at arms, because any one of them who has his post in Edoras, knows Eodwine, a veteran himself from the Ring War. So they'll be looking for likely types to send his way. If you can think of an alternate way that you'd rather do it, give it a try, and I could tell you what needs revising if anything is too far out for the culture.

These two links may be of interest and aid to us:
Bright's Anglo-Saxon glossary; and Regia Anglorum for which I'm indebted to Nerindel; thanks!! And thanks for the recipe link. Being mainly an eater and drinker and not a fixer of foods, it'll help me out in writing this thread.

Good words, Feanor.
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