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Malva Headstrong 03-13-2003 12:49 PM

This or that?
I´ve found no such thread, so don´t beat me.
The game is easy. Someone posts two things/persons/whatever, the next chooses one of them and goes on. Something like "You say, I say". I´ll start:

Glorfindel or Gildor?

Manardariel 03-13-2003 01:16 PM

I don´t get this game...I´ll try though!

Glorfindel or Arwen?

Faenaduial 03-13-2003 05:11 PM

Arwen or Aragorn.

Catherine 03-13-2003 06:39 PM

Aragorn or Boromir

Narya 03-14-2003 08:16 AM

Boromir or Faramir?


Malva Headstrong 03-14-2003 10:14 AM

Er... sorry, this game is there to find out something about the players, who or what they prefer. It goes on like this:

I like Faramir better.

Aiglos or Narsil?

Arien 03-14-2003 12:26 PM


Merry or Pippin. Is that right?

Lyra Greenleaf 03-14-2003 12:32 PM


Frodo or Bilbo?

Arien 03-14-2003 12:41 PM


Varda or Vana

Malva Headstrong 03-14-2003 02:09 PM

Yea, you got it [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]


Hobbiton or Bywater?

Aerandir Carnesir 03-14-2003 02:18 PM


Sting or Glamdring?

Malva Headstrong 03-14-2003 02:22 PM


Elven-horse or Hobbit-pony.

Aerandir Carnesir 03-14-2003 02:27 PM


Brandybucks or Tooks?

Malva Headstrong 03-14-2003 02:32 PM

Difficult, but... Tooks.

Green Dragon or Ivy Bush?

Aerandir Carnesir 03-14-2003 02:36 PM

Green Dragon. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Dwarves or Elves?

Malva Headstrong 03-14-2003 02:37 PM


Rohan or Gondor?

Aerandir Carnesir 03-14-2003 02:42 PM

That's a tough one. If it's after WotR, than Gondor. If not, Rohan.

Balrogs or Black Riders?

cookie_crazy 03-14-2003 04:32 PM

Erm, oh gee, that's a hard one. Ummmm, Black Riders I guess. Why did it have to be so difficult???

Rivendell or Lothlorien?

Aerandir Carnesir 03-14-2003 04:38 PM


Tom Bombadil's house or Beorn's house?

[ March 14, 2003: Message edited by: Aerandir Carnesir ]

cookie_crazy 03-14-2003 04:44 PM

Ahem, I'll have to say...Tom Bombadil's house coz it's got a more homey feel to it.

Glamdring or Orcrist? I know it's lame.

Aerandir Carnesir 03-14-2003 04:49 PM


Balin or Dwalin?

cookie_crazy 03-14-2003 04:54 PM

BALIN! He was loyal to the very end, except, ahem, when he went to Moria...

Frodo or Sam?

Aerandir Carnesir 03-14-2003 05:00 PM

Book Frodo and Movie Sam.

Glorfindel or Arwen?

cookie_crazy 03-14-2003 05:03 PM

GLORFINDEL! Let's see...

Elrond or Celeborn?

Eruanna 03-14-2003 06:57 PM

Hmm....Eowyn or Arwen?

Silmarien 03-14-2003 07:11 PM

Éowyn!!!!!! (Sorry Terribly biased...but?)

Faramir or Boromir?

Aerandir Carnesir 03-14-2003 09:40 PM


Sauron or Melkor/Morgoth.

Horse-Maiden of the Shire 03-15-2003 12:17 AM


Elladan or Elrohir?

PoWa 03-15-2003 01:50 AM

Hmmm.........Elladan I guess...

Dwarves or Men?

cookie_crazy 03-15-2003 05:31 AM

Erm, Men. I suppose.

Gloin or Gimli?

Arien 03-15-2003 05:33 AM


Kili or Fili?

[ March 15, 2003: Message edited by: Arien ]

Lyra Greenleaf 03-15-2003 06:09 AM


Legolas or Gimli?

Eruanna 03-15-2003 07:20 AM


Elven cloak or Mithril shirt?

Malva Headstrong 03-15-2003 08:40 AM

Elven cloak cause I never want to have use of armoury.

Buckland or Tookland?

Arien 03-15-2003 11:13 AM

um... Tookland, yeah Tookland. Ok......umm Gollum or Smegol?

Aerandir Carnesir 03-15-2003 11:31 AM


100 Orcs, or 50 Uruk-Hai?

Eressië Ailin 03-15-2003 11:39 AM

50 Uruk-hai.

Would you call Hobbits...

Hobbits or Halflings?

PoWa 03-15-2003 11:48 AM

Hobbits, I guess they dont like to be called halflings.

Frodo or Bilbo?

Aerandir Carnesir 03-15-2003 12:04 PM

Book Frodo.

Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?

Eressië Ailin 03-15-2003 12:05 PM

Gandalf the Grey
For the little message icon thing... OR ?

[ March 15, 2003: Message edited by: Eressië Ailin ]

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