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Valesse 03-17-2007 08:25 PM

Valesseka had a moment to take in her surroundings while Eomerleo galantly rescued her from the dark horror that was the wayward way-laying band of bandits. One of the female elves had fallen in the skirmish, the one she hadn't spoken to much... Ariano? Confound it! Elves and their names! What if she needed someone's help in some ancient forest?

"I'm- I'm fine... just frightened" she whimpered some what melodramatically to Eomerleo, clentching her arm where the crude ax grazed her. Nearly about to inquire about his condition --Glamerr'o?-- the elusively named one addressed the pair: "If you two do not mind, I would like you to watch over Arianna."-- That was the elf-maid's name! Arianna!--"...while Marime, Darin and myself go around to see if any are alive for questioning."

Without another thought, or even an initial one Valesseka gave a dazed nod and stood up to move closer first to Eomerleo, and then to the elf. Running through her head was some of her basic knowledge of the medicial herbs native to Arnor... It'd do her little good here. From what she remembered King's-Foil leaf, one of the best salve ingredients to fight infection, liked the shade of trees which are 'apparently' few and far between in Rohan. "Are..." Valesseka stammered, unsure if Eomerleo could even hear her over the events nearby, "you alright, also? Thank you..."

Glirdan 03-24-2007 09:48 AM

"My name is Jen", the woman said slowly. She paused, looking long at him. "Are you an elf?" she finally asked, somewhat bewildered, somewhat in awe.

He looked at her and nodded slowly. "Yes, I am an Elf. And obviously you can hear me now. So lay still while I have my friend come and patch you up. And don't think of running awy for I shall be right here with her!" He hissed, narrowing his eyes. He looked behind him at Marieme and nodded to her to come here.

The Sixth Wizard 03-24-2007 06:20 PM

Dárin was enraged to find one of the bandits captured alive and talking. The nerve of these foes! The elf Glirdingo was speaking to the young female human. Patch her up!

"This is an elf, brigand, and a fierce one at that. And I am a Dwarf of the mountains, deep in wisdom, fierce in anger and slow to forget any grudge. You and your fellows attacked us without provocation, forcing us to defend ourselves forcefully," he said, bristling. "In my eyes you are lower than a cursed orc, grovelling in the sunlight. Have you no moral fibre? There is a reason we are put on the good earth, not to kill and burn, the tools of the Enemy!"

He was tempted to just finish the brigand, but the Elves would no doubt condemn him. Returning to the group, he said to Éomeléo, "What are we to do with this vagrant? My people would not be too merciful in the same situation. Leave her, I think.."

Cordelia Harrison 03-25-2007 04:11 PM

Marieme gave Arianna's hand a squeeze and then went over to where Glirdingo was with the human. She knelt down and pressed her fingers into the wound. It wasn't too bad. Deep enough to cause substantial amount of pain. She pulled out some salve and put it on there.

"There isn't much I can do for the human. The wound is deep, requiring stitches and I don't carry stitches with me," Marieme informed him.

Eomer of the Rohirrim 03-26-2007 11:28 AM

Éomeléo flashed a, no doubt, lovely smile at Valesseka. He was fine, of course. The attackers didn't seem too interested in pursuing the death of the Gondorian and so he was able to chase off those who came near him with little fuss. The Arnorian girl was surely able to notice his pristine condition. Or perhaps she was dizzy. Whatever it was, she smiled back.

"I'm afraid I know nothing of herbs and medicines. No matter, though – Glirdingo would not have left this Elf with us had she urgent need of a leaf."

Dárin shuffled over, muttering about mercy and retribution. He was clearly not happy about being attacked and probably wanted to revenge himself upon whoever Glirdingo was talking to. Éomeléo listened to his words, not keen to make bold pronouncements just yet. He was interested in hearing what this fiend had to say for itself.

Thinlómien 03-28-2007 03:46 AM

"So lay still while I have my friend come and patch you up. And don't think of running away for I shall be right here with her!" the elf shouted. Even in such a desperate situation, Jen was slightly amused. Running away? In this condition? She moved her arm a bit and a new wave of pain flashed over her. Run away... where would I even go? she wondered, closing her eyes.

She heard steps approaching her. The patcher? She opened her eyes. No way, that's an angry dwarf! The dwarf started shouting at the girl. She looked away, but his words still echoed around. "In my eyes you are lower than a cursed orc, grovelling in the sunlight. Have you no moral fibre? There is a reason we are put on the good earth, not to kill and burn, the tools of the Enemy!"

She felt her anger and frustration rising. Moral fibre? Better dead or suffering than lacking a moral fibre? She was too devastated to shout, and she only managed to mutter: "Maybe everyone does not have the chance to choose their path." But it seemed no one was listening to her.

Then another dark shape appeared between her and the starlight sky, bowing over her. This was a slender young woman, also very beautiful and, Jen thought, there was something unnatural in her eyes. Another elf?

Without a warning, the woman pressed her fingers to the girl's wound. She swallowed a scream of pain. I won't scream or cry in front of these people, she told herself, I won't scream. Jenfried felt the woman put something cool and soothing to her wound, but she didn't know what it was. Maybe she's poisoning me to end my suffering or to get rid of me...?

Crystal Heart 03-29-2007 06:41 PM

Even though Arianna was starting to feel better, the world was still spinning. She opened her eyes to see if it was still spinning and found that it was. She closed her eyes and scrunched her face up.

"Make it stop spinning," she whispered. She tried to breath evenly in an attempt to make it stop. She heard Glirdingo's voice talking. She relaxed, just listening to him talk. There was something about his voice that soothed her soul.

Valesse 04-02-2007 10:05 AM

Valesseka lowered her gaze at the wincing elf below her and put a hand on her forehead. Currently she agreed with Darin. There was no need to burden themselves any further with this bandit who has accosted them without mercy when there was an injured elf and - even more importantly- Valesseka's maybe-possibly-infected-scratch on her upper arm.

"Shh, you'll be fine" Thats a lot of blood... do elves have more blood than humans do? They're taller so maybe they do have more, that would make sense, after all... "Water, right uhh... wait here, I'll get some." Standing up and scampering toward Bruinn Valesseka chastized herself for her lack of insight concerning her advice. Duh, where else is she going to go with that cavern in her stomach? Mand- No! Don't think that! Pulling the skin out from under a number of other effects, the Arnorian hurries back to the pseudo-fallen elf and pushed the drink at her. "Relax, drink. Here... it's right here..."

Glirdan 04-05-2007 03:58 PM

Glirdingo noticed a quick, sharp wince of pain on the prisoner as Marieme administered her salve to the wound. After she had finished, Glirdingo left her there under the guard of Marieme and walked over to where the others stood with Arianna, who had awoken.

He kneedled down and kissed her lightly before standing up once more to adress the whole group, speaking loud enough for Marieme and their prisoner to hear. "We must move out now, before another band comes and attacks us. I can see a cabin a few miles in the distance. Valesseka, Eomeléo. I would like you two to go ahead and scout the cabin. You should get there well before sundown if you ride fast. If there is no one there, hold down the fort and await us there. Start a fire as we may not arrive until sundown."

Glirdingo stopped, a little breathless and surprised at how calm he was remaining. He quickly got over it and continued. "Darin, Marieme and I shall start out once we figure out away to transport Arianna and our prisoner, for I would like to question her as she still seems to be delirious from the wound."

He looked at each of them individually. Finally, he looked at Arianna, who was gazing up at him, silent. He looked back at Valesseka and Eomeléo. "Okay, we all have our jobs. Now lets hop to it."

The Sixth Wizard 04-05-2007 09:47 PM

Now, with a job to do, and one he could do with his hands at last, Dárin was first to act. "I see I am outvoted once again. We are to transport this prisoner with us? And Arianna? Then you two elves and I that are still here must make stretchers to carry them. Perhaps we shall hang them from the sides of the horses? It would be rickety, but speedy travel if we need to approach the hut you claim is in the distance quickly." He squinted into the distance, not discerning anything at all.

"We shall need wood, and rope to tie the bonds. I think it would be better if I ... stayed here ... for a while ..." The dwarf broke off, coughing. He was quite shaken from the battle and it had started to sink in at last.

Rousing himself again, he spoke again, "Would either of you object to lending me some rope, while I tie some wood together? And we shall need more wood. Take my axe..." The work began.

Eomer of the Rohirrim 04-07-2007 05:26 AM

"Let us go then, lady" said Éomeléo, as he and Valesseka climbed on board their steeds. They trotted for a while, letting their horses adjust to the ground once more; and allowing brief conversation.

"What think you of the mercy of the Elves, then?" he questioned. "I hope they can gain information from this rascal. Glirdingo seems to have a connexion with her, strange as that may seem."

He took in his surroundings while Valesseka pondered over her response, probably just as perplexed as Éomeléo was by the events transpiring. The hills were strong and they rolled all over the land; lush green grass was everywhere. The cabin lay ahead.

Crystal Heart 04-10-2007 10:09 AM

There was something about his kiss that made her heart feel better. Even though she was still wounded and in some pain, knowing that he was here and that he was going to be here with her meant a lot to her.

Arianna watched at Glirdingo and listened to him give orders. She was tired, very tired. And she knew that she wasn't able to ride a horse by herself. She was a burden at this point, she knew that. It pained her to know that, to have to be a burden to the elf she loved.

"Glirdingo," she whispered, unable to say more. She tried to sit up, but fell backwards and sighed. She looked back up at him, tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

Cordelia Harrison 04-10-2007 10:32 AM

Cordelia stood thinking about how they could move Arianna and their prisoner. They could made a sled. But that would take a long time to make two of them. She knelt over and moved the human's flesh. She felt her tense underneath her fingers. There would be no way that she could be set over a horse.

She stood up and sighed. A sled would be a painful way to travel. She didn't care about how much it would hurt their prisoner. She was more concerned about Arianna and her injuries. They were deep and it would take a little while for it to heal. Even for an Elf. Unless. . . She had heared about it before, about trying to heal a fellow Elf with your healing powers. She had never tried it before nor seen it done. Did she dare risk it?

Thinlómien 04-11-2007 02:52 AM

They were talking about leaving and taking her with them, as a prisoner. Furthermore, they had decided to make some sort of stretchers. Jenfried felt ashamed.

She gathered all her willpower, and without using her wounded arm, she rose up to a sitting position. She ignored the pain.

"I can ride", she said, not to anyone especially. "I can ride, I don't need stretches. I've ridden in a worse condition", she continued, though she knew they wouldn't let her in fear she would escape and they would probably doubt her strength in her current condition. "My horse is probably in the woods nearby."

Or then it has ran off with all the other horses...

Valesse 04-13-2007 12:51 PM

Valesseka's eyebrows furrowed with deep concentration over the elves behavior. To some extent she was much more sympathetic to Dárin's arguement, but all the while if the fiend survived then they could have possibly gained a knowledgable ally. "It seems a little strange to me, but maybe she'll end up helping us in the end because we showed her mercy. I'm sure they've already thought of that being militarily minded and what not..."

Before them the house was reamerging from behind the cap of a hill and appeared to loom closer. Valesseka, preoccupied with memories, distantly hoped this wasn't the origin of the earlier onslaught. Subconciously she urged Bruinn to move faster rolling the situation over in her mind again until her trepidation finally overcame her: "But if she joins our party then there is a chance she'll try to sabotage our efforts. I don't think we could afford that."

The Arnorian looked up at Eomerleo "I just think we'll have to keep a very keen watch." As the two rode downhill the glass lapped higher on their horses' ankles like shallow water teased with a tame breeze. "I could be wrong though..." She wanted Eomerleo to speak his mind about the matter.

Glirdan 04-17-2007 03:12 PM

Glirdingo looked down at the woman in disgusted pity. "No, you are unable to ride and there are no extra horses for you to ride in. You shall go in a sling between the horses, as Darin suggested."

He looked at Marieme and Darin. "Okay, if we are to make these slings, we shall have to sacrifice something soft. Perhaps our cloaks will do. Maieme, I would like you to stay here while Darin and I go hunt for wood." He took a step closer to her and whispered in her ear, "I trust him, yet around our prisoner, I don't. She could be very valuable to us for more than one reason."

He stepped away from her and went over to Arianna who looked at him and whispered a soft "Sorry" to him. He knealt beside her and kissed her. "It is not your fault," he said. "It is that scoundrels," he said, nodding at their prisoner in anger. "And it pains me and alarms me that I must leave you with her for a short period of time while we find some wood to make the stretchers." He held her close. "I will be back soon and I won't be far. And I am leaving you here with Marieme, so you should be safe."

He hugged and kissed her once more before getting back up. He nodded to Marieme as he and Darin set out. He looked over at the Dwarf and said, "I know you don't agree with my decision, but she could prove a valuable asset, no matter how much I detest her for hurting Arianna. But please, you must respect my decision in this." He looked at him, almost pleadingly as he and Darin walked, searching the ground for some wood they could use for the slings.

Eomer of the Rohirrim 04-18-2007 02:47 AM

"I still wonder what it is all about. Glirdan seems confident enough to send us away. Perhaps the Elves and the Dwarf are going to do something terrible to the human."

He looked at Valesseka, mock horror etched on his face. She laughed, and so did he.

"A plot to take the treasure for themselves at our expense!" she said. "No doubt they will make use of Dárin and dispose of him afterwards."

Éomeléo chuckled. His parents had always told him to be distrustful of Elves.

But they were nearing the cabin and they had to concentrate. It was a nice, homely looking place; at least it was from certain angles. In other ways it looked creepy. Smoke was coming from the chimney and two blackbirds were sitting on the roof. Valesseka was silently observing the place.

"Let's see who's inside" said Éomeléo.

Crystal Heart 04-19-2007 09:28 PM

His kiss warmed her entire being. She gave him a weak smile and watched him walk off. Her heart thudded as she watched him walk away. She could feel her body healing, but it wasn't healing fast enough. She hated the thought that her beloved Glirdingo was worrying over her and her safety. If the wound had been anywhere else she could have road by herself. Why had she allowed herself to get distracted. That was what she couldn't understand.

Arianna had prided herself on the fact that she was a good warrior. She never got distracted in battle and was always a top contender. Yet she had been distracted in this round. Was it because she was, for the first time in their lives, fighting with her friends by her side? They had been broken up into different quests before they could fight together. Or was it because she had never seen Marieme fight? Or was she worried about her Glirdingo? She wasn't sure, but whatever it was it had laid her up. She only hoped it wouldn't take too long to heal.

Cordelia Harrison 04-19-2007 09:32 PM

Marieme nodded and stood between where the two lay. She kept a watchful eye on the prisoner, her hand upon the hilt of her sword. She was ready to attack the human female if it came to that. She would die to keep Arianna safe.

She tapped her foot and hoped that Glirdingo would be back soon. She was anxious to get going and get Arianna to safety. If she could just rest without worrying about what could happen then she would be able to heal properly.

Valesse 04-22-2007 02:01 PM

'Or we could not', Valesseka thought, embracing her cowardice. Fearing the worst she kept near Eomerleo's side, on high alert for any movement from the sides of the small building. Whoever it was could have heard them and planned an ambush to better fit the theme of the day.

"Lets just be careful..." She added timidly, climbing off of Bruinn's back to join the Gondorian on the ground. The black birds flew away through the black smoke with loud cries as the pair approached the house on foot.

Wincing she looks back to her brave protector who laughed lightheartedly, "It's just birds."

They had reached the door finally, and with a deep breath on Valesseka's part, the pair knocked and waited for an answer from within.

The Sixth Wizard 04-27-2007 12:21 AM

Some time later. . .
"Aha!" sighed Dárin as he tightened the last knot. The stretcher was really a good work of craftsmanship, and very sturdy. He looked up at the Elves. "Well, job well done, eh? Though you had to spend half the time fiddled up with that stranger and your friend." Jenfried murmered. Dárin peered disdainfully down upon her.

"In you get, outlaw! We need to catch up to Eomerleo and the other human. If we don't get to that cabin by nightfall, we shall freeze our very feet off." Heaving the stretcher toward the prisoner, he rolled her on, and with the help of the Elves, strapped her to two of their horses. The beasts seemed to whinny in annoyance at being pack animals. Even Dárin could see that they were a proud, tall kind.

So, the Gap of Rohan ahead, thought Dárin. The Fords of the Isen, the Ring of Isengard and Dol Baran. From there... I know only that it is 300 miles to the Bridge of Tharbad, if we go by the Old South Road, which would be foolish with so many bandits seemingly after us. How I wish I could be back in the Iron Mountains of my home!

Crystal Heart 05-01-2007 08:25 AM

Once they returned they got to work on the stretchers. Before, Arianna knew it they were ready. They put the prisoner on first and then her second on a separate horse. She remained silently, not wanting to make the work any harder than it was. She wished that she hadn't gotten distracted and was mentally reprimanding herself. She was an experienced battle elf! How could she allow herself to get so distracted. She wasn't sure.

They headed silently and slowly to the cabin. By the time they reached the cabin the sun was just about to set over the horizon. She looked up at Glirdingo and gave him a meek smile. They took them off the horses and set each stretcher upon the ground. They brought the prisoner in first and then Arianna.

Eomer of the Rohirrim 05-03-2007 03:01 PM

Éomeléo wandered in through the doorway, hesitantly. He did not like the look of this place. He wondered what the Elves were doing, whether they knew this land well, why they were breaking and entering. It was not too comfortable a situation.

The doorway was part of a large room, clearly the main room in the cabin. It had chairs and a table; and paintings on the wall. It was old.

He eyed Valesseka, who was hovering very near the entrance, or exit, depending on how one looked at things. She was as unsure as he was about being here, with a potentially dangerous criminal. He nodded to her, trying his best to reassure. Dárin, flitting in and out of the cabin watching the world carefully, looked no happier. Éomeléo watched the Elves, and his thoughts turned to Thin-Gloomy.

Crystal Heart 05-06-2007 08:48 PM

Arianna looked around the room and noticed that it was rather dusty, typical of an abandoned place. She was just thankful that she would be able to recover in relative safety.

"Glirdingo," she whispered. Her mouth felt like sand paper. She was starting to feel somewhat better, but she needed water badly. Perhaps some water would make her feel all better.

Thinlómien 05-11-2007 03:05 AM

Jenfried was standing there, near the doorway in the liitle, dusty cabin. There was still a pain throbbing on her shoulder, but she tried to ignore it. The fair-haired elf woman was restraining her. Even though she was not in a good condition, Jen believed she could easily wrench herself free. The magic Elves won't be any good in a raw physical fight, she thought. Still, she did not nourish thoughts of escaping right then. Even if she could get free, the others would stop him. The young Gondorian, the male elf and the dwarf looked scary enough.

Besides, she had nowhere to go. Now that the bandit gang she had been a part of had been slaughtered and scattered, she didn't belong anywhere. She wouldn't be welcomed home - she was a thief. She had no property except the clothes she was wearing. These seem to be some sort of adventurers, she thought, I wonder where they're taking me and why. Hey, if they are adventurers, maybe I could join them and get on a great adventure, seeking some dragon's treasure or something! She dismissed the childish thought instantly. Even if the party were adventurers, they wouldn't take her along. They would think her useless, and besides, she had wounded one of them seriously and they all seemed to hate her. Then I hate them too!

So there she was, in a cabin in a wilderness, with unfriendly people who had no good intentions. Despite herself, Jenfried was getting a bit desperate. She looked around. The cabin seemed empty. If there just was someone here, someone who could help me. Another ridiculous and childish thought. Why would some random cabin-owner like to help her?

Nevrtheless, as no one seemed to take action and they hadn't made sure Jen couldn't talk, she called to the cottage: "Hello...? Is there anyone here?"

Crystal Heart 05-16-2007 07:19 AM

Cabin Owner
David had been out visiting a neighbor that had needed his help. He had travelled late, which was something he highly disliked, back to his cabin. He sighed when he realized that he would have to gather firewood from the firewood pile in the dark. It would not be an easy task, but he would need to do it before he headed on to bed.

As he rounded the bend, he slowed his horse down to a near stop. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. There were lights on in his house and figures moving behind the curtains that he had pulled into place. Robbers! He was only but one man, how could he take on a gang of them. He placed his hand upon the hilt of his sword.

He came straight for the house. He left his horse at the door for a quick get away. He reached out, grabbed the door handle. David took his sword out of its sheath, yanked the door open, and jumped inside.

There he found a band of people. Two wounded and the rest taking care of them. Yet, he wasn't sure what they were truly all about. He narrowed his eyes and looked around at them.

"What are you all doing in my home?" David asked roughly. An elf came forward very submissively. "Forgive us, sir," the elf started, "But we are travellers that have run into some trouble. My wife is badly wounded and we caught her assailant. We were going to nurse the enemy back to health before we ask why she and her band attacked us."

David looked over and saw a female elf lying upon a stretcher. Her face was pale and she was licking her lips slowly, yet her lips did not glisten with saliva. She was clearly dehydrated and he was the owner of this house. He could only do what was needed of him.

"I believe your wife needs water. Welcome to my home. I am David," David said, putting his hand out to the elf. The elf took it and shook it. "I am Glirdingo. Thank you for your help," Glirdingo replied.

Eomer of the Rohirrim 05-16-2007 07:55 AM

Éomeléo instantly felt very embarrassed. He could only imagine how annoyed this man was, considering his house had just been invaded. The Gondorian just wanted to apologise and get out of there.

He seemed willing to help the strangers, no doubt due to the mass of deadly weaponry they had on display.

Éomeléo was tired of not knowing what was happening. He was just ready to complain when the house-owner appeared. Deciding that now might not be the best time to argue, he kept his mouth shut; and glared at the young girl who had assaulted them only hours before.

The Sixth Wizard 05-19-2007 04:41 AM

Dárin felt ready to trust the owner of the cabin. After all, what could David do to them when he was so outnumbered and unarmed? The dwarf was, however surprised at such a welcoming attitude from this character. We have just knocked down the door in a manner of speaking, let ourselves into his house and almost demanded health care from him. And what in Mahal's name is he doing out in the middle of nowhere, anyway? Glirdingo was very terse, but David seemed to absorb the information quickly and with an attentive mind. Perhaps that says something about his character.

Dárin was sure David would struggle to provide the numerous travellers with resources and accomodation. In Dárin's mind the invasion of a dwelling was much more sacred than the other races supposed. He felt obligated to give an explanation.

"My dear Man, greeting and apologies for the lack of introduction. I am Dárin of the Iron Hills, at your service," said Dárin eloquently. "Pardon us the unceremonious dumping of a vagabond at your doorstep. And may I commend you upon your kindness. As for the vagabond in question, we are unsure what to do with her at this point, but shall inevitably come to some agreement that will not impede you overmuch. My personal apologies once again."

Dárin was suddenly struck by a feeling of tiredness. Will this quest ever be drawn to fruition? he wondered. The enormity of their task settled down upon him, but he stubbornly blocked it out. One thing at a time.

Crystal Heart 05-19-2007 06:57 PM

David smiled at the dwarf and shook his hand. "No need to apologize. I see that you need help. I will try to accomodate where I can." He went over to the cabinet and brought forth blankets. Night time could get rather cold.

Arianna lay upon the ground, thankful that the man realized what she needed. Glirdingo came over with some water. He helped her into a half way sitting position and she drank the water slowly. As it washed down into her stomach she felt rejuvenated. After drinking the entire cup she smiled at Glirdingo.

"Thank you, love," she whispered. He lay her back down, planted a kiss upon her forehead, and smiled. "Any time babe. I am sorry I did not anticipate your need before. I shall be better I promise."

Glirdingo walked over to their prisoner and knelt down. "Now. To deal with you. Why were you trying to kill us? Who sent you?"

Valesse 05-20-2007 12:29 AM

Valesseka kept her eyes locked on the cottage owner for the sheer reason of preservation. He appeared to be a kind hearted gentle soul, sure! But this complete stranger might simply have been sizing up the prey for his cruel alter ego. Subconsciously, she held onto Eomerleo's elbow for security and kept back out of the man's way.

Quietly, the Arnorian gave her thoughts to the blue Gondorian: "I don't know if I'd feel safe sleeping here tonight... or if that would be encrouching too far into this gentlemen's space." Her attention quickly shifted to Jenfried who was being interrogated by... the male elf... whispering, she continued "besides, we're no longer in the most trustworthy of company."

Thinlómien 05-21-2007 05:52 AM

"Now. To deal with you. Why were you trying to kill us? Who sent you?"

She had expected the question.

But, he sounds like he... like he excepts a certain answer... Does he.. or they... have something to hide? Jenfireid wondered, Maybe they're on some secret mission...

"Don't you hear me?" the elf asked her, rather angrily.
"Yes, I did", she answered and spat to the ground. This was a matter of principle, she would not be a craven and give up.

The elf looked like he could hit her and instictively she tried to duck. But the elf was still standing where he were, his hands clasped to his sides. "Why were you trying to kill us? Who sent you? Speak!" he repeated, in the brink of losing his calm.

She made no reply. "Who? Why?" he shouted and the elf woman holding her twisted her sore arm so that waves of pain streamed over her. "Now stop playing tricks! Tell me!" the male elf repeated.

I won't cry, I won't cry, I won't cry...

Still, Jen could feel her eyes blurrying. "No one", she said in a tiny voice.

"No one sent you?" the elf asked. "Are you sure? Why did you attack us then? Why did you try to kill Arianna! Answer me!"

Jenfried lifted her eyes and forced herself to stare the bright Elven eyes. She did not flinch. "They were... I mean... we were just ordinary brigands and rogues. And you looked like worth robbing with your good equipment and valuable horses."

She paused, looking to the sky. The elf woman shook her lightly, but not gently, urging her to continue. Tears were streaming to her eyes again.

I won't cry, I won't cry, I won't cry...

"It seems we... underestimated you", she whispered. Then she glanced at the woman she had stabbed. In another situation the girl could have been sorry for her, but now, herself wounded as well and taken a captive, she didn't care. " As to why I attacked her... I had to attack someone, that's what happens in a figh", she explained matter-of-factly but her self-confidence was gone.

Crystal Heart 05-21-2007 08:46 AM

Arianna watched as Glirdingo and Miriam interrogated the girl. Tears swelled in hear eyes as she realized that she was only a mere girl, doing as she had been raised to. It was not her fault. She was not an enemy. She was just merely at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Strength surged through Arianna, propelling her forward. She sat up and grabbed Glirdingo's leg, pulling him down and away from her. "Miriam! Stop it!" Arianna roared. She looked at the girl. "She was only doing as she taught. We can not treat her like this."

Glirdingo flashed a look at her, one of anger and annoyance. She had stopped him from interrogating the girl! What if she were lying? Then they could all expect to be dead. "Arianna! She may be lying!" Glirdingo argued.

Arianna narrowed her eyes and gave him a look that stated exactly how she felt. "No Glirdingo. I know in my heart that what the child says is true. I demand you to leave her alone." She flashed a look up at Miriam. Miriam released her hold upon the girl.

"Heal her. Nothing more," Arianna said, her voice unearthly quiet. She looked in between the two people that she loved the most. She knew that they were hurt and afraid that others would come and that she would die. Yet, Arianna knew that this girl was not evil. She had encountered evil and she was not it.

Arianna's vision swam and she collapsed upon the ground into a deep sleep, unable to do more for the girl.

Thinlómien 05-25-2007 03:08 AM

The elf man was still looking at her inquisitevely, his eyes suspicious. Jen tried to meet his gaze, but the anger in his eyes was too great for her to bear at this moment. She turned away. Now I look guilty and like I was lying to him...

Suddenly the woman Jen had wounded sat up, grabbed the man's leg and started shouting. Jen swore. What on earth was going on? For a few seconds, the Elves were shouting at each other in their undecipherable tongue. Suddenly, the elf who was holding the girl let her go. Jenfried managed to keep her balance, but there was again a sharp pain in her shoulder.

The wounded woman said something very quietly, in a demanding tone. Then, it seemed, she passed out. Instantly the man turned to her. "Arianna?" he asked, sounding anxious. The blonde elf woman casted a warning look to Jenfried and kneeled beside her friend. She put her hand on the other woman's brow and said something to the man. He replied in a worried tone.

Jen was also looking at the woman. It seemed she had defended her and when she had said something, the other woman had let her go. Jen was looking at her beautiful, fine face and her closed eyes and wondered what ill luck had brought her to wound the only person around who was friendly to her.

She looked around. The elf woman was her only hope. The two other elves were hostile towards her, that was for sure. She had wounded their friend seriously. The dwarf was not looking at her, but she remembered his angry words. No, he hated her and that was fine because she had never liked dwarves. (Even though she had never met one before.) The two humans, the ones she had imagined could ally with her, were eyeing at her warily and whispering with each other. She was alone.

The Sixth Wizard 05-25-2007 03:28 AM

Dárin was fairly quiet as this was happening. He felt a tad indignant when the Elves insisted upon talking in their own language. What does it matter what this prisoner hears? She isn't going to escape, and if we are attacked, I will make sure that she doesn't get away alive... However, the Elf Arianna seemed to be defending the prisoner, of all things! She could have been killed! This is pure madness, not understandable Elven pity. How can she still feel sympathy for this vagabond?

As for the vagabond in question, she seemed to be taking it all in surprisingly readily. Her eyes darted around the room, pausing at some times at doors and windows, and always watching the speaker. She showed no signs of comprehension, however. This was good, the Elves had a sanctuary they could resort to in a desperate situation... If there was anything the outlaw could not hear.

Dárin refused to use Jenfried's name, even when thinking of her. It would mean a chink in his armour of prejudice, and could lead to a dangerous sympathy for her. He refused to let that happen.

The Dwarf stopped talking to David, and shuffled to the wall to watch the coming events.

Crystal Heart 05-31-2007 03:56 PM

Arianna woke up a few moments later to find Marieme and Glirdingo hoovering over her. What had happened? Just moments prior she had been defending the human woman and the next she was on the ground once more.

"What happened?" She asked, looking around. She saw that the girl was safe and was giving her a grateful look. She looked around. "You fainted, Arianna," Glirdingo replied. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She had pushed herself too much too soon. She was lucky to be alive.

"The girl?" She asked him. He gave her a nod. "We will do as you ask, Arianna." Arianna pushed herself up into a sitting position. She looked over at the girl.

"What is your name again?" She asked her, wanting to know the girl that she had saved.

Thinlómien 06-01-2007 05:04 AM

"What is your name again?"

"Jenfried", she answered bluntly, eyeing the woman warily. What did she want? Jen tried not to sound too unfriendly, though, as this woman was the only one this far treating her well. She looked at the woman again and cautiously she made her eply to a full sentence: "My name is Jenfried." She stopped her sentence abruptly. Anyone with a decent family would have added thier father's name to the end to be polite. "My name is just Jenfried", the girl said quietly.

Now I sounded so stupid, repeating my name that many times. I even managed to underline that I have no clue - and neither does my mum - who was my father. Some idiot, drunken vagabond most probably.

"Do you need some more help?" the cabin owner asked after a while, "And in any occasion I'd love to know who are these people in my house." He smiled, but that did not lessen the inquisitiveness of neither of his comments.

Eomer of the Rohirrim 06-01-2007 03:41 PM

"Sir" said Éomeléo. "We are travellers on a journey. You see Elves, of course, and who indeed can interpret the oddness of those sorts? They and my friends here – he motioned towards Dárin and Valesseka – go together seeking a mutual friend. For my part, I know this friend too; and I am named Éomeléo. I live in Rohan."

"Very good" said David. "Well, I am most intrigued by your arrival but I am surely pleased to meet you, sir." And David held out his hand for his visitor to shake. Éomeléo did so.

"I have no choice but to sound extremely rude here, David, but we travellers require an urgent council and swift decisions! Time is of the essence, and we have wasted too much of it recently."

Éomeléo wondered if David would leave them alone for a few minutes. They would leave the house if need be. But perhaps the host wanted to keep his company at arm's length...

Crystal Heart 06-07-2007 10:18 AM

Arianna nodded as the girl told her her name three times. There was pain behind it, that much Arianna could tell. She was hurt that there was no last name to accompany it. Yet, she would not point that out. She knew how humiliating that could be. She had been such a child, but thankfully her mother had married a very well off elf that called her his own. She had a name because of it, but it was not the name of her blood. However, she always felt that it was her blood name - regardless of what had happened before her birth.

"I am Arianna. It is nice to meet you. I am sorry that you were injured. War is the worst possible outcome of free will. Please, allow me to apologize on behalf of all of us for the rude way we have treated you."

Crystal Heart 06-18-2007 07:36 AM

Moving On
The group settled in for a night of sleep. The injured healed and the uninjured recuperated from the long day of turmoil and distress. Even the cabin owner, after a while, fell deep into the land of slumber.

At first light Glirdingo awoke and looked over at the sleeping elf beside him. He smiled and placed a hand upon her cheek gently. She had survived the night. The worst for her was over and Glirdingo could not be more relieved then he was at that moment.

Arianna's eyes fluttered open. She smiled when she saw Glirdingo beside her. She leaned over and placed a gentle kiss upon his lips. Her heart jolted at the kiss and it was in that moment that she knew, once again, that he was the one for her. It was such a strong emotion that it brought tears to her eyes.

"Arianna," Glirdingo breathed. She smiled and took his hand slowly. "I love you," was all that she could whisper. She watched the smile break across his face and they shared a moment that they would forever remember until the end of their days.

The rest of the company woke up slowly and packed up. It was slow going, but highly needed. No one needed a rushing morning. Not after the insane day they had spent previously. Marieme checked on the injured and reassured Glirdingo that they had healed enough over night to go ahead in their journey.

Arianna, after having gotten up and settled her things, went over to Jen. She sat down next to the human and gave her a gentle smile. The girl was alone and Arianna remembered what that had been like. It was highly difficult and now her own company was gone.

"Jen. We are going to be heading out to save a dwarf friend of ours. You are more than welcome to join us. Either way, I'd like you to have this," Arianna said, placing a small bag in the girl's hand. It held a few higher priced coins. Everything that the girl once had was now lost and this was the only way that Arianna thought of helping. She noticed that the girl was about to protest so she raised her hand to silence her.

"No. That is compensation for how my companions handled you. I am deeply sorry and I want you to have this as a token of my deepest regret. Please," Arianna told her. She gave her a smile before standing up. She took in the company. They looked slightly defeated and unsure.

"Come now! What is with these long faces! We have a good dwarf to save. Now, let's ride!" Arianna cried, causing the group to become electrified. Arianna turned and saw Glirdingo's surprise. She laughed and headed out the door to the horses.

Thinlómien 06-20-2007 10:19 AM

It had been a while that Jenfried had held a purse as heavy as the one she was holding now. Normally she wouldn't have hesitated to take it, but now she had. Something in the way the woman named Arianna had given it had made it different. This had made Jen - a girl very practical and selfish when it comes to survival - pause. It felt weird to have someone you had almost killed to give you alms.

Now the company was leaving and Jen was wondering what she should do. There was nowhere for her to go to. The return home had been denied a long time ago and now the bandits she had been traveling with had been scattered or slain. She looked at the adventurers. Their faces were distrustful, even hostile. It wouldn't be easy to win their trust or join the band.

I could make it alone in the wilderness, she told herself but she didn't believe her own words. She didn't know how to find food or water. In a city she wouldn't be given proper work being young, practically untrained to everything and female. Unless I wanted to sell myself or become a thief. Neither alternative seemed very attractive to her.

Once again, she looked at the adventurers. In their eyes she saw a challenge. I will win their trust, I will have them like me. In their eyes she saw a future. I will go with them, rescue their friend and take part in their adventure.

The spark of adventure was set aflame in her heart and it could not be denied any longer. "I will come with you", she said aloud, regardless of who was listening to her and who was not.

She strode out of the cabin. The elves were already in the yard, but the humans and the dwarf were still saying goodbye to the cabin owner. The travelers' horses were being saddled. One of them whinnied, another was eating grass. Darn, I don't have a horse, Jen realized. The horse she had been riding for past weeks had probably fled with the other bandits' horses and so was probably nowhere near.

Arianna seemed to notice her problem. The elf looked at the girl and suddenly she laughed. "I bet you don't weigh much, you can ride behind me on my horse. It can surely bear us both." "Arianna, that is not wise", Glirdingo warned. Arianna laughed again. Then there was a seriousness in her eyes. "Glirdingo dear, I trust this young manling even if you don't. Come, Jen."

Slightly ashamed but feeling somewhat triumphant, Jen mounted Arianna's horse. Eomeleo, Valesseka and Dárin emerged from the cabin. They saddled and mounted their horses.

"Northwards, then", Glirdingo announced. The little party left the cabin. Looking behind, they could see the patient cabin-owner waving to them. On a whim, Jen waved back to him and felt unbearably childish.

She eyed the northern woodlands ahead. An adventure was waiting for her. "I will buy myself a horse in the next village that is on our way", she assured Arianna.

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