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Zigūr 10-12-2018 02:42 PM

Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth
Hello everyone,

I might be forgetting, but I couldn't seem to find a specific thread on the current (soon to close) exhibition at the ST Lee Gallery in the Weston Library at Oxford, where I am at present. I did find the events 2018 thread and corresponding post on the Downs Facebook Group but didn't want to clutter it up.

I saw the exhibition today, as I'm in the UK taking a short vacation. While small, I found it very impressive as a display of material from throughout Professor Tolkien's life. A particular highlight might have been the map of Beleriand with Angband actually marked on it, which my Silmarillion at least doesn't have. I also enjoyed seeing a confused publisher's reader response to Beren and Luthķen, the letter from the real Sam Gamgee, the many artworks and everything else really.

The exhibition was very busy and very crowded so it could be a bit of a struggle to get a good look at a few items but in general I had an opportunity to view everything. I understand why it wasn't, but I dearly wish photography had been permitted.

As I haven't been to Oxford since childhood I made a point of visiting the Professor's grave, giving a good long look to the Radcliffe Camera (for all its associations with the Temple in Armenelos besides everything else) and having several pints at the Eagle and Child. I even managed to spend some time in the corner in which the plaques attest the Inklings used to gather.

Have there been any more visits to the exhibition since the aforementioned thread? I believe it's only open for two more weeks but as it's free I would highly recommend it.

Eldy 03-20-2019 04:16 AM

I'll be visiting the exhibition in New York in a couple weeks, before it moves on to Paris later this year. I'd lost track of things when tickets for the special events went on sale, so I didn't get to see Hammond & Scull's lecture back in January, but I finally got around to making arrangements. I think I'd regret not going to something we probably won't see the like of again for decades (at least), but the decision was made easier by finding a really good deal on Airbnb.

Boromir88 04-14-2019 07:28 PM

Eldy, you wouldn't happened to have been there the first weekend of April? A handful of us were able to get together and see the exhibit in NYC a few weeks ago. If you haven't gone yet, I'd definitely recommend it.

Zigur, I felt the same about the no photography, because despite it being small, there was a lot on display! (for Bethberry's question in the I met a fellow BDer thread, I do vaguely recall seeing Tolkien's diary). The art and hand drawn maps were a treat, because I always had this idea of Tolkien being a great story-teller, but to personally see his art work, calligraphy, and cartography was a different experience for me.

I got a laugh from the one Beleriand map where Tolkien had hand drawn trees for Brethil and Taur-im-Duinath, but for Doriath, just wrote DORIATH. It's like he got tired of drawing trees, because the one place in Beleriand you expect a forest, he drew no trees.

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