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Urwen 03-13-2020 11:02 AM

Dagor Dagorath
Okay, so here is another topic which interests me: Dagor Dagorath, or the final battle to end all final battles. Here is my analysis on what little information we have.....

The setting
According to what I read about it, it would take place in the known world once Morgoth/Melkor/Melko escapes from the Void and destroys the sun and moon. It will essentially be a battle between Valar and their forces and Morgoth and his forces.

The participants and possible participants

On Valar side
- Tulkas, who is apparently only there to weaken Morgoth by wrestling him, because that's what Tulkas does. Thus he'd pave the way for
- Turin to beat Morgoth by running him with a sword reforged and empowered by a capable smith, presumably Feanor, or even Aule himself.
- Eonwe, who does Eonwe stuff
- Earendil, who swings by to kick Morgoth's *** some more
- Tar-Miriel, who rallies her men and they attack Morgoth's forces together
- Members of Fellowship, because Fellowship rules
- Faramir and Eowyn, because they rule too

On Morgoth's side
- Sauron, who is back into his service, being all humble and ****
- Saruman, who embraces his evil side because it's so much better than being good
- Ar-Pharazon, because he has a bone to pick with the Valar for burying him alive and sinking his island
- Morleg, because he is tired of others still shunning him after thousands of years when forgiveness should be the name of the game. Also because Melko promised him ownership of both Anguirel and Anglachel and lands of his own to rule.

The Aftermath
After Turin goes all stabbity-stabbity on Morgoth, he ascends into the higher plane and becomes a Vala. Turin=Jesus of Middle-Earth, confirmed. Also, his family are revived too, because why not?

Feanor comes strutting along and breaks his Silmarils, which are recovered somehow. The Two Trees are revived. As his reward, his whole family is revived, including Miriel.

Numenor is raised from the sea and Tar-Miriel becomes an endless Queen of the island. As a direct result of Numenor being restored, Galadriel and Treebeard meet and exchange quips. Then they part ways and never see each other again. Treebeard finds the Entwives and his 'people' are restored.

- They all come together and sing, and a new world - which is really the modern earth - is created. Feanor upgrades the Palantiri by creating the Internet, and everyone are given the equivalent of modern computers.

- But Feanor is not the only one who makes a breakthrough. Tar-Miriel, in an effort to avoid the mistakes of the past, develops an immortality potion, which makes ordinary people immortal, as a way to keep Pharazon and those like him in check. She also introduces psychologists into the world, and forces many people to attend daily psychologist sessions, because they have issues.

And that's my take on the Dagor Dagorath.

mhagain 03-16-2020 02:02 PM

You forgot about Ar Pharaz˘n's army in the Caves of the Forgotten. I guess everybody does. Hence the name.

Urwen 03-16-2020 02:34 PM

Well, I listed his name. His army is included in that.

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