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  1. Ailinel90
    05-16-2023 01:32 AM

    Thus, the One Ring would have to be found beforehand in the wetlands of the Gladden Fields where it had been lost, and after that, it would have to be delivered to Valinor. This would have to be done as soon as possible until Sauron returns to Mordor; in other words, while Arnor and Gondor still have time to accept the help of the Elves of Valinor, if they agree to do so. But, Nienna said, the Valar doubt that the Rulers of Arnor or Gondor will ever agree to do so, except that only if the very existence of these kingdoms is threatened. Nienna said Eru Il˙vatar told the Valar that the person who would order to start the search for the One Ring would be responsible for the outcome of the search mission, and such an order could only be given by the Rulers of Arnor or Gondor. Nienna said, the Ruler, who would risk ordering the search for the One Ring, would have to fully trust the members of the search party, and they should be people completely devoted to their duty.
  2. Ailinel90
    05-13-2023 01:23 AM

    Nienna told he did not forbid the Elves to offer assistance to the kingdoms of Men. However, possible resettlement of the Elves from Valinor to Middle-earth is contrary to his will. Nienna said Eru Il˙vatar asked the Elves to remain in Middle-earth not forever, but only while their help will be needed. Nienna told Elves would begin to fade in Middle-earth. Elves of Valinor will be able to live in Middle-earth only in places where the flow of time is slowed down with the help of Three Rings. Elves will only be able to use The Three safely if it is ensured that the One Ring will not be found by servants of Sauron. Therefore, if Arnor and Gondor agree to accept the assistance of the Elves of Valinor, it will be necessary to find the One Ring and take it to a safe place.
  3. Ailinel90
    05-13-2023 12:58 AM

    The Valar, especially Nienna, felt unhappy after the Changing of the World. So did the Elves of Valinor. They felt that Eru Il˙vatar made the Changing of the World because he decided to protect them from Ar-Pharaz˘n's army. The Elves decided they were now indebted to the successor kingdoms of N˙menor. They began to learn military art and arm themselves. At the beginning of the Third Age, Kings Finarfin, OlwŰ and IngwŰ on behalf of their peoples asked Nienna if the Elves of Valinor could offer assistance to Arnor and Gondor in the future, if Sauron returned. Nienna asked ManwŰ this question, and thereafter the Valar held a council at the Ring of Doom. The Valar asked Eru Il˙vatar if he allowed the Elves to offer assistance to Men of Middle-earth. Nienna told the Kings of the Elves of Valinor Eru Il˙vatar regretted N˙menor's fate, and was worried about the future of Arnor and Gondor.
  4. Ailinel90
    05-07-2023 02:20 AM

    So I decided I wanted to post a summary for the story for a possible prequel to The Hobbit here, while I could. I composed the story months ago but did not have enough free time to write a summary for the story before today. It took several years to compose the story so it can't be consigned to oblivion now, despite my desire to be silent. I will try to post new chapters regularly, and if I suddenly cease to post before the story is complete, that would mean that I am no longer online. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions, comments or requests regarding the story.

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